Friday, January 03, 2014

Day 3 - 30 Paintings in 30 Days

Part 2 (see below for part one). Well, I can't believe I finished this painting by 12:30 a.m.  I haven't been feeling well today and I had to start and stop a few times. I hope I'll be able to keep up with this 30/30 challenge. Having chronic pain and, lately, a lot of IBS flare-ups, it's hard to keep up with things. I will try my best.  

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My challenge tonight (besides completing my third painting in three days) was to use nothing but white paint to create something interesting. Of course, that required using a background with color. I decided that rather than use a solid color, I would use a background with a pattern. I am calling this "Ghost Trees" and it measures 5 3/4 x 7 1/2". 

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Part 1: Well, here it is and I haven't even started my painting yet, not physically anyway. I have a good idea what it will be but I haven't begun to put it down on a substrate. I feel a step ahead of the game because I was going through my unused canvases and substrates and became inspired when I saw a canvas I had started working on a few years ago that I had scrapped. I just put a coat of primer over it and then decided that I would wipe some of it off, leaving the subject matter (a tornado in the distance) still visible. I think that will come in handy. So now I have three substrates prepared and ready to use.  

As I mentioned yesterday, I have come up with a list of styles that will challenge me, and here it is so far. The second day of my month of experimentation ended on a positive note last night, although, the painting was far from a masterpiece. It's humorous and fun though, and I think it will probably sell to someone who loves Loch Ness lore (or me). Anyway, for now, here is the list. I will add more to it soon - or maybe not. Maybe I'll just repeat a few of these styles using different mediums. My first painting was done in my "usual" style, so it will not be used to tick anything off this list.  I will allow myself to paint with acrylics, watercolor, pastel (soft and oil), ink, and watercolor pencils. And I will use graphite as needed. If I use collage, which is my favorite medium to work in currently, it will just be added as detail, but will not take up a majority of the work.  Here is my list so far.  Stay tuned for the third piece later on tonight, which I will add as a revision.

30 Days of Experimentation:

1. Miniature Painting (done)
2. Expressionism
3. Surrealism
4.  Still Life
5. Soft Pastel
6. Oil Pastel
7. Palette Knife painting
8. Abstract
9. Portrait
10. Landscape
11. Pop Art
12. Contrast / Complimentary painting - two colors
13. Reverse glass painting
14. Monochromatic painting
15. Color Field
16. Biomorphism
17. Expressionism
18. Outsider Art
19. Painting on something unconventional
20. Cubism (because cubism is my least favorite style of art)
21. Pop Art 

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