About Me

I am a visual and mixed-media artist, and a once-in-awhile creative writer.  I currently live with my daughter, Ella, in the Greater Lansing area of Michigan. 
I devote most of my time to raising Ella, and as much time as possible realizing the visions in my head.  They are with me day and night: images of imaginary worlds with tornadoes spinning out of control: vivid flowing colors and shapes; tunnels of trees leading to a mysterious otherworld.  I write poems when my head feels like a tidal wave of words--and when the time is right, they come crashing out all at once. Then there is quiet--for awhile.
I live with the challenge of a connective tissue disorder, compounded by an autoimmune disease.  I create when I can.  There is always good and bad in a life, and mine is no exception. Mostly it's good and I can smile through a lot of bad stuff.  I love waking up every day knowing that I am an integral part of this planet, surrounded by my friends and family, even if at a distance.  I love experiencing it all.  It is why I'm here.  

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